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Fundacja „Hollies Action Group”


6th June, 2014.
To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf of Hollies Action Group After School Club regarding the application of a house-to-house collection permit from Support Hollies Action Group. Support Hollies Action Group Limited donate a minimum of £60 per tonne of clothing and textiles as a result of doorstep collections or other means under the terms of agreement. The Operational Manager and main point of contact at Support Hollies Action Group Limited is Alexey Plachtej who liaises closely with me regarding all aspects of the operation that relate to Hollies Action Group.

The Hollies Action Group, Charity Number 122551, Company Registration Number 6406069, was set up to provide a unique service to special needs children in Cardiff. Trustees set up the first After School Club for special needs children in South Wales as our children are unable to access mainstream after school facilities because of their complex needs and the charity aims to provide a service to enrich the children’s lives as well as provide invaluable respite for their parents or carers.

As an independent local charity we relay heavily on the support of local people and businesses to help keep the club running. As you will appreciate raising funds has become increasingly difficult in the current economic climate and we are not in a position to operate a house–to-house collection service ourselves due to the costs and staffing resource.

I am in the second year of running Holiday Clubs for the children and any future donations we will put towards a day trip for the children during the Summer Holidays.

With best wishes.

Kay Hughes-Jones
Company Secretary/Trustee

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